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Body and mind is a system of harmony and awareness. We can only synchronize with nature and this world by living a life in compliance with our DNA records that we bring at our birth.

Blends of herbal oils and waters help us for ages treating many ailments when applied externally and/or internally. The total range of therapeutic plants is around 20.000 in our planet. A big group of these plants exist in wilderness of Anatolian terrain, a huge source for phytotherapy formulas.

Plants contain vitamins, minerals, oligo elements, phyto nutrients, glycosides, tannins, alcholoids and organic acids with extraordinary healing and aesthetic properties when applied in right combination and amounts.

Healing qualities of a therapeutic herb depends on the way it has been grown, harvested, stored/dried and distilled/processed. Organic certified plants are free from GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) hormones, artificial fertilizers, pesticides and other environmentally harmful synthetic chemicals. During their harvest and preparation they are kept free from pollutants and radiation.


Rejuvenate your skin and clear your mind with Maira's nourishing rich cocktail of healing organic oils.
Increase circulation, alleviate tired muscles, release tension zones, boost your immune system, pamper your body to relax, revive, renew, and de-stress your soul. Experience aromatherapy of essential oils to promote well being on many levels.

Care for Your Skin

Gently applied regular massages with Maira Skin Care Oils improve elasticity and suppleness of the skin, our largest and most exposed organ. Natural and unprocessed fast absorbing certified organic oils provide your skin with the vitamins and minerals that will keep it healthy and impurity free.

Tested and balanced organic blends helps to stimulate new cell growth, rapidly getting rid of dryness and wrinkle formations, promoting skin regeneration. Allow Maira Skin Care Oil to be part of your regular skin care regime to achieve optimum results.

Care for Your Baby

Parents are becoming much more conscious on urgency of organic care for babies. They continue to search for products that perform featuring certified organic ingredients and sustainable manufacturing practices. More consumers are reading labels, searching for certifications and purchasing the products that will protect their babies effectively, with the added appeal of healthy, ethically sourced ingredients.

Maira oils are formulated for newborns, babies, and children, and are fragrance-free, paraben-free, and preservative-free. They are blends of certified organic oils, all rich in antioxidants and vitamins. They reinforce the delicate baby skin's physical barrier, boosts tolerance level and reinforces the immune systems defenses.

Care for Your Hair

In the long term hair wears out because of chemical treatments such as dying, excessive sun, effects of sea and sand. Problems such as rapid shedding, breakage and sluggishness becomes inevitable.

Supporting hair follicle by natural nutrients becomes essential when negative effects of daily stress, sleep disorders, alcohol, smoking and drug use add up.

When hair follicles are supported regularly and intensively by Maira's certified organic plant nutrients, extracts and precious essential oils, stem renewal takes place and former vitality is regained. Hair body will thicken, fragility and opacity will finally disappear.

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